Area measurement and field management

Geometer GPS

Accurate measurement of the fields’ area

Series S SLIM – the size of the fields’ meter of the Slim series is unique - the thickness of the devices is 11.95 mm, which is approximately 1.5 times less than that of competing models. With such an indicator, the speed of the device has no analogues among other products that the market offers.

The S Series GeoMeter has a wide touch screen for easy operation in the field. Work management and fields’ area measurements are performed by touching the screen. Built-in road maps will help you to find the right and short route to your desired destination.

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Comfortable work with the big screen. Friendly interface. Use GeoMeter to measure fields’ area easily, lightly and conveniently!

How it works

It is enough to bring GeoMeter with you and bypass or drive around the area of the field you want to measure. All measurements and calculations will be performed automatically after starting the command “Start Measuring”. The system automatically calculates the error rate. If obstacles are encountered on the road during measurements, you can easily stop recording points using the “Pause” button. After passing the obstacle, continue to record the contour points of the field. If your field is divided into several sections, and this should be taken into account when calculating, you can mark them in different colors and measure each individually. You will also be able to see the total area.

During measurements, the shape of the measured area will be formed on the screen. In the process of measurement, it will be displayed its area, perimeter and length of the traversed path. At the end of the work, you can specify the name of the area that was measured, and save it in the device memory. Data from the device is easily transferred to the computer using a flash card or cable.

Your fields on the map

The Agroprofile system was designed to increase the efficiency of using GPS devices, as well as to display and store files from GeoMeter, GeoTrack devices, as well as online monitoring sensors. Display your fields on the map, plan your work with colleagues and get accurate reports on using all of the resources involved.

Use free online crop yield planning system to improve your business performance. The Agroprofile system will save you money, provide you with modern tools and allow you to control your work processes better.

Increase accuracy

GeoMeter S5 have a built-in Bluetooth module, with which you can connect an external GNSS satellite receiver of any class of accuracy. You can connect GNSS receivers of any manufacturer. GeoMeter company offers its own solutions for improving positioning accuracy: from decimeter accuracy (GM PRO) to centimeter accuracy (GM PRO RTK). The device GeoMeter with RTK receiver becomes a professional device that can perform any tasks not only in agriculture, but also in geodesy, forestry, construction, road construction, utilities, and other land research.

RTK technology is a technique that allows you to get corrections to measurements and set the location with centimeter accuracy in real time. Depending on the task and operating conditions, the necessary set is selected for operation with RTK accuracy. These can be cost-effective solutions using single-frequency RTK L1 receivers, or traditional kits with dual-frequency RTK L1/L2 receivers, as well as selection according to the type of receiving/transmitting corrections: radio or Internet.

Maximum possibilities with the Agroprofile system

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Many systems for measuring the area have already been offered to us, but we chose this one. The main criterion for choosing was accuracy. On the field in 61 ha showed exactly all 61 ha. Drawn the contour and took that dimension onto the map from the satellite. The device is simple to work with, our agronomist is not young, but he easily understood how to use the device.
  • During the harvesting, the device is irreplaceable! The plot of the field was treated - went, checked how much. You put a checkmark on the field, and then, even after five years, the system will show you how to find it in this field. But this can not always be used, and most importantly - it's easy to use, just 2 buttons: start measuring the area and finish – that is all!